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Type 1 (and other older) fonts not supported in Office 2013

A user was testing Office 2013 and discovered the font his company requires him to use does not work in Office 2013.

Type 1 fonts are replaced by a generic system font, as seen in these screen shots.

This image is from Office 2007.

While this screenshot is of the same font in Office 2013.

This is "by design" – older fonts are not supported in Office 2013. You'll need to use an OpenType version of the font.

To take advantage of the new rendering engine Windows utilizes, these fonts are no longer supported in Office 2013:

As far as I know, these fonts are still supported in Windows 8 (the font in this example installed just fine in Windows 8) and can be used by older applications. Office 2013 cannot use them.

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