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Print PDF using IE's Protected Zone

When Internet Explorer is configured to use Protected Zones, you can not print pages to PDF's using Acrobat's PDF printer. Instead, you'll get an error similar to this one:

            You don’t have permission to save in this location.
            Contact the administrator to obtain permission.

            Would you like to save in the [username] folder instead?

This happens because IE's security won't let the PDF save the file. You have three choices:

  1. Turn off Protected Zone (IE's Tools, Options, Security tab)
  2. Open IE as administrator. (Right click on an IE shortcut and choose Run as Administrator)
  3. Turn off UAC (user access control)

Running as Admin turns off the protected zone, even though it remains enabled in Tools, Options. Use this method if you need to print occasionally – start IE with the run as admin option when you need to print to PDF. If you need to print to PDF a lot, turn off protected zones or UAC.

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