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My Favorite Windows Utilities

This is a very old list of utilities I like (or liked) to use – I'm not keeping this page up so please don't ask me to add your utility to it.

Here are some of my favorite utility programs for Win95/98. Most are freeware, others are shareware and well worth the registration fee. Looking for Outlook utilities? Check the utility listings on most pages at
for the most complete list of Outlook utilities on the internet.

HTMLOPEN – autorun files for use with an autorun.inf for autorunning the index page of a web site on CD-R or CD-RW. Posted by Rich Reynolds to the HTML-Haven mailing list.

Tray.exe – places a shortcut to a program in the tray. Quick to use & can be temporary or permanent. Self extracting exe file, contains program and instructions. Freeware, by Thomas Ronneberg.

Peek.exe – a quick way to "peek" into files using notepad. Available on the right click menu. Zip file, not self extracting.

SetSig – utility to use random taglines on your email. Can be run from Task Scheduler. Works with any email program that uses text files for signatures.  Because SetSig only creates plain text format signatures, it's use with Outlook for HTML signatures is limited. Included is a large collection of taglines. If you need more taglines, start with Today's 100 Random Taglines from Taglines Galore.  SetSig was written by Matt Owen.

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